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Need lumber?
We like to keep our lumber under roof clean and dry. We have lengths from 6 to 32 feet. Need it longer? Ask about our wood I beams and joists.
Come in and take a look around at a variety of doors, windows and mouldings.
Custom Cutting

We will cut all products to custom sizes or shapes.

Custom Millwork
Our main emphasis has been lumber and wood products, however, as materials and construction techniques have evolved so has Ruffin & Payne. We pride ourselves on being up to date on new products to the building industry and market.
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Moulding Catalog

Utilize our extensive moulding catalog to find the product that’s right for you. Featuring over 200 products, we have all the possible selections you and your company would need. Just click the button below to view them.
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The Core Company Values

We are constantly growing, learning, and improving and our partners are steadily increasing. 200 projects is a sizable number.

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