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Your Destination for Attractive and Architecturally Correct Moulding Solutions

Ruffin & Payne is your destination for attractive and architecturally correct moulding solutions. Discover the convenience of our stocked classic trim mouldings, available in both stain-grade and primed options. Whether you prefer the natural warmth of wood or the versatility of primed trim ready for your chosen paint color, we have the perfect options to suit your style.

Elevate your spaces with our custom mouldings, where we bring your unique design vision to life. Our expertise extends to matching existing profiles, ensuring seamless integration with your current aesthetic.

At Ruffin & Payne, we understand that trim is more than an embellishment; it’s a vital element that adds character and cohesion to your spaces. Our commitment to customization, precision, and convenience makes us your trusted partner in achieving the perfect trim for your project. Explore the possibilities with Ruffin & Payne and let your spaces reflect your unique style and vision.

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