We Craft Exceptional Stairs that Elevate Aesthetic and Functionality

Ruffin & Payne is your premier destination for crafting exceptional stairs that elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your residential new construction projects. Our stairs are meticulously designed in red oak, clear yellow pine, or carpet grade, offering a diverse range of options to suit your design preferences.

Complementing our stairs, we stock red oak handrails and balusters, providing a seamless and matching ensemble for your staircase. The classic appeal of red oak, known for its durability and attractive grain pattern, enhances the overall aesthetic of your stairs.

At Ruffin & Payne, customization is key. Beyond our stocked items, we offer the flexibility to order various stair parts, including the option to incorporate stylish iron balusters. This ensures that your staircase not only meets but exceeds your design expectations.

Step into a world of possibilities with Ruffin & Payne, where our commitment to quality craftsmanship, diverse material choices, and customization options make us your trusted partner in creating stunning and functional stairs for your residential projects.

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